Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Laugh Or Cry?

I admit that I laughed when I read this. I mean, some things are so ludicrous that they are funny. But that probably isn't the proper response to this story. From Jim Rome, on the comment by Dmitri Young comparing Barry Bonds to Jesus Christ:

"At least someone has Barry Bonds’ back. Detroit’s Dmitri Young said, “I look at him like Jesus Christ. I’m talking Barry Bonds. As great as he is, he gets persecuted more and more and more. It’s not fair.”

You’re right, Dimitri, Barry’s just like Jesus in every way, except for one. Jesus’ best friend and trainer wasn’t loading him up on steroids. Jesus’ head didn’t expand five hat sizes late in his career. Jesus didn’t go from 49 homeruns to 73 homeruns. But other than all that, you’re right, Barry's just like Jesus. Don’t think MLB isn’t privately thrilled to hear that Barry's back on crutches. The last thing MLB wants is for Jesus Bonds to run down Hank Aaron."

Most of the people in this country don't know the meaning of the word persecution, besides being able to use it in a sentence. I get tired of athletes throwing this nonsense around. Barry Bonds grew up the son of a major league star. I really don't think he has ever been persecuted. I would believe he has faced discrimination and hardship at times, but who hasn't? Persecuted? Please.

Like Rome, I don't believe Jesus, when he said "take up your cross daily and follow me", meant for that to mean bulk up on "the cream" and "the clear".

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