Monday, April 25, 2005

My Dog Took The Wide Road

My dog is a mixture of golden retriever, husky, and some other stuff thrown in. He has been the best dog we have ever had. And until this week, he had developed no bad habits in his year and a half of life.

Well guess what? He has discovered that there is water in the bowl. No, not his bowl. That's right, the porcelain type. I caught him red handed (or pawed?). Why? He is quite the water connoisseur, and would drink it by the gallon if allowed, but why toilet water? I thought he was different. I thought he was special. He's proved me wrong. I am now convinced all dogs would do this if given the opportunity. It is embedded in their make-up.

A dog owner's lamentation haiku:

When given the chance,
A dog will go for "the bowl".
NO licks on the mouth.

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