Monday, May 16, 2005

Dream On, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True?...Well, I Surely Hope Not

I need someone's help.

I keep having a dream where I'm getting paged and trying to call the number I am paged to, but for some reason my fingers can't dial the right number. I get so frustrated, hang up and try again, thinking I have it this next time, but I hit the wrong numbers again. This process repeats itself 4 or 5 times, and I become increasingly more frustrated the more I dial. Then I wake up.

Also, in another ongoing series, I dream that I am in college and I have a class I started attending at the beginning of the semester, but I have somehow forgot about attending it since then. Until it is time for a big exam. Which causes me to wonder, should I even go, or should I blow it off? What will the prof say, seeing as how I haven't showed up for weeks for class? And the classes at my school were always small enough to notice if someone was not there. Then I am in panic mode until I realize I have graduated and the test shouldn't affect me too adversely. Then I wake up.

Does anyone know what these dreams mean? (And, if I don't post for a few days, don't call the cops. It probably just means someone called the white coats in and I'm "away" for awhile. But it couldn't be that bad- could it?).


  1. It's time for a vacation! Seriously, maybe a change of scenary for a few days in a completely different place will help get rid of it.

  2. Thanks. I love the vacation idea, as does my wife. But unfortunately I don't think that is it. You see, I've had these dreams periodically for a long time, over the past few years, vacation or no vacation. Not very often, maybe once every couple of months, but it makes me curious as to whether they have a deeper meaning. So when I had the dialing the phone dream again this past weekend, I thought maybe someone might know. It's not that I'm concerned, just CURIOUS! Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. You think like I do- vacations rule!