Friday, May 13, 2005

The LA Nerds?

The Cards-Dodgers series was entertaining to watch, and I was happy with the results. But I do have a question (I know, I always have a question). Has there been a more nerdy looking battery than the Dodgers' Jason Phillips and Duaner Sanchez? Check it out:

Relief pitcher Sanchez

Sanchez action photo

Catcher Phillips

It was funny to see the two stand on the mound together when they had to talk things over because they both have this odd eyewear. They look like swimmer's goggles. It looked like they should be playing underwater baseball. I only wish I could have found a picture of that. Someone with a camera should snap that shot, because it would surely end up on Fox Sports pictures of the week. The only thing that would have looked funnier would have been to have the manager come out to the mound to join them wearing a scuba mask.

Is this the new trend in sports, this goofy goggly thing? Even Kurt Rambis and Clark Kent looked cooler than this. And yet, there IS something kinda cool about being THIS square. If that makes any sense.

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