Friday, November 11, 2005

Do Not Panic, Cardinals Fans, Remain Calm

Our beloved Mikey is safe.

No, it's not Mike Shannon who won't be back in the radio booth next season. Thank God.

If you think the riots in Paris are bad, you would not believe what would have happened in St. Louis if Mike had not been brought into the broadcast booth at the new Cardinals flagship staion, 550 KTRS

Instead, say goodbye to Wayne "Howard Sprague" Hagin. I've wondered if his days were numbered since the Todd Helton fiasco.

And say hello, or actually welcome back, to John Rooney, whose roots are in Mizzou. He's been in the White Sox radio booth the past few seasons. But he cut his teeth in good ole Busch Stadium, with the glorious team of Buck and Shannon in 1983.

Welcome home, John!

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