Monday, November 21, 2005

Harold Lloyd

About six weeks ago I switched from cable to DISH network satellite service. I have been thrilled so far. The highlight of the switch has been that Turner Classic Movies is available on my package. This has been great for my entertainment, although bad for my other home agendas.

In a matter of just six weeks, I have been able to see North By Northwest, Psycho, Rear Window, Shadow of a Doubt, The Pink Panther, It Takes a Thief, Gaslight, Vertigo, and many other wonderful old movies. If you love movies, you must get this channel.

Last night they had a Harold Lloyd marathon. Harold Lloyd was a silent film star. I hadn't seen a movie of his in about 30 years. The first movie was about 70 minutes long and was titled "Safety Last". The scene above is from this movie.

The movie was thoroughly entertaining despite the lack of conversation. It was very well made in both a technical and artistic sense. I almost could not watch the ending, as Harold scales the outside of a 12 story building, because it kind of reminded me of those whacks who climbed out on top of the Arch. Too bad Harold lived too early for the Arch, because I'm sure he would have made a movie from outside of it.

"Girl Shy" was the next movie, and a completely different sort of comedy. Although Mr. Lloyd had playing a doofus down pat before doofus was even a word, it is a charming and touching movie. But, like in Safety Last, this movie has a fantastic ending that is both exhilirating and funny. One of the wildest chase/race scenes I have ever seen, and made in 1924. Several other film shorts followed but I was too tired and went to bed.

That this guy was a genius cannot be denied. Imagine me entertained by a couple of silent pictures. Who'd have thunk it?


  1. Dish is awesome. WE've had it for about three years or so and it is a far better deal that cable. Same price, but quadruple the channels.

  2. Yes. I'm still "discovering" channels after all this time. It's almost sensory overload there is so much more to choose from.