Monday, January 30, 2006

Signs Of The Apocalypse

My latest haiku. It's called, "I Think The World Is About To End." It's inspired by the unseasonable weather we have had this winter, and it's 100% true.

"It's January-

There's a fly in my office.

And my lawn is green."

By the way, I'm thinking of calling the fly "Frosty."

"Hi-ya, folks."


  1. It's a good thing I scrolled down to this post. I was looking at the stadium shots and thinking, "That can't be now. The grass is green."

    We also have green grass under our snow. It keeps snowing and melting, snowing and melting...

  2. I am waxing nostalgic for the good ole days when we had twenty feet of snow to plow through walking 5 miles to school uphill both ways. It just doesn't seem like winter this year, and it hasn't around here for several years.