Thursday, February 16, 2006

I've Solved The Budget Deficit

This was, in all humbleness, too easy.


Corporate sponsorships.

Sell naming rights to our oldest and finest institutions. Once a year sell naming rights to the highest bidder.

For example:

The "Capital One" Capitol.

The "Bud Light" Supreme Court.

The "Budget Rent A Car" White House.

The "Pizza Hut" Washington Monument.

"Phillips'" Lincoln Memorial.

The "Oscar Mayer" Smithsonian Institute.

The "Quaker State" National Archives.

This way, whenever these places are named, the corporate sponsor gets a plug. For instance, when the news anchor comes on every night and says, "Here's Brian reporting from the "Bud Light" Supreme Court", the sponsor would get a free advertisement.

We could do the same with our National Parks.

The "Depends Incontinence Undergament" Yellowstone Park.

The "Viagra" Grand Canyon.

We'll have a balanced budget to conduct the war from here on out. And we'll be out of debt in a few years.

No thanks necessary. Just remember to visit this blog for more good ideas.

I should be king.


  1. Problem is we've *Been There - Done That* already...just forgets to put up the Names in Neon and Bright lights.


  2. Maybe. The only difference (besides the neon lights) is this money would go into the public coffers rather than a private bank account or election fund!