Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wanna See Something Scary?

Okay. Don't say I didn't warn you. Scroll down.

Know who that is?

No, it's not two anemic, scurvified raccoons.

No, it's not two "undead" models.

And, no, it's not two fashion vampires, ready to turn in to bats to fly in your hair and lay their eggs so you go crazy.

It's those two rug rats from the TV show "Full House".

I mean, I knew this Tanner used to be a meth freak. I didn't know these other two wanted to look like one.


  1. You know, the thing about being that thin is that if the plague comes you're a goner. At least that is what I tell myself each day ;) Seriously, I didn't know that about "Stephanie". I hope she makes it out of that nightmare. The Olsen twins are really sad looking in that photo. Will it sell the line? Probably.

  2. I know, it shocked me about the middle girl when I heard of her problem. She and the older one seemed normal.

    Sad-looking Olsen twins is right. How sad that some sycophant told them they looked good and should get photographed like this. And even sadder still is that it will, as you said, sell the line.