Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend Thoughts

This week, brought to you by...

The Russian Super-Soaker- no license or background check required, but guaranteed to make your enemies cry for mercy.

Now, on to this past weekend-

1- I'm all in for Notre Dame running the table! Go--errrrr, I mean, don't go--Irish. I must be dreaming.

2- I watched almost an entire movie without the sound on this weekend. Not by choice, but I am now glad I did. I was at someone else's house and I did not control the volume on the muted TV. So I sat and watched in silence. But it was visually stunning. I watched on an HD-TV, and I had seen the movie, Vertigo, before. So I sat mesmerized by the pictures alone, transported to a 1950s world I had never seen like this before. The cars, the streets, the city, the fashion, the interior decorating, the landscaping. Did this win a cinematography Oscar? It should have. I felt like I was in a time machine.

3- I saw another visually stunning movie recently. "Far From Heaven" was shot in the 21st Century, but again was a colorful vision of the 1950s I never saw. I didn't care for the story so much as the beautiful images on the screen.

4- Brett Somers died last week. So they had a Match Game marathon on GSN Saturday. I always liked the interaction between her and Charles. She was married to Jack Klugman. I always thought Gene Rayburn was a little weird.

5- Since the names John and Charles are so popular, why not combine them and name someone Jarles? Or Jarlie?

6- From 1996 to 2006, the Astros and Cardinals won all NL Central titles except the aberation known as 2003. They met twice in the NLCS, each winning once. Which is what made Sunday's Sunday Night baseball game so sad to watch. Two old and broken down teams on the downswing of greatness.

7- Speaking of which Craig Biggio played his last game at Busch Stadium and received a standing ovation from the crowd when he came to bat in the 8th. That was the thing about the decade long rivalry. Both teams were hard working, cut from the same cloth, and mutually respected the other. He was a worthy player of a worthy opponent.

8- When did Congress pass the law that Michigan would only play home games this year?

9- I kept hearing suprise at how Randy Moss has been a team player on the Patriots this year. Of course he is. He is selfish, which means he is a team player when it suits his purposes. An injury to a key player here and there, causing the Patriots to begin losing, will bring out the real man we all know and love.

10- Chuck "The Iceman" Lidell lost again. Is he through? I think so but hope not.

11- What a tank job by the Redskins. An awful goal line performance at the end of the game. Their quarterback Jason Campbell made terrible decisions that last drive. They had plenty of time and rushed through everything. That may be a defining moment of the season for both teams.

12- How about those Redskins uniforms? Ugly, but definitely old school in an early 1970s way.

13- The ugliest uniforms were hands down the Eagles. Those are the single worst uniforms I have ever seen in any sport at any level of skill. Mustard and sky blue don't go well together.

14- Since I miss Design Star, let me add a Design Star reference here- those Eagles uniforms were uglier than that flag room Robb designed in week 4.

15- I did like the Rams white pants, but they didn't go well with the blue and gold jersey. The gold should have been relegated to trim and then it would have rocked.

16- The Rams are definitely the best 0-3 team in the league.

17- The Bears Defense is already exhausted from being on the field too much this year. Which is sad with 13 weeks to go.

18- I have to say I appreciated Steve Young calling out Rex Grossman. This is the second time I have heard rumors of Rex being lazy in his game preparation. Remember the last regular season game last year? I can put up with someone struggling to find his way as long as he is doing the best he can. But it sounds like Young believes Grossman is a bum, in the lazy sense. If that's the case, he should be ridden out of town on the next train. His days are already numbered.

19- What is the deal with the Bears and quarterbacks? The only decent one they ever had in my lifetime was Jim McMahon, and he only played about a season and a half of injury free football. Just once you'd think they'd luck into a good quarterback.

20- Grossman is just lobbing the ball around the field. Never with any zip. And how come he only throws 15 to 20 yard passes or screens? No imagination.

21- Somebody call Nintendo and find out why there are no farming themed video games. There must be a market out there, right?

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