Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stand By For News!

All I can say is, "Aaaaaaaack".

It's hard for a 90 year old's death to be classified as a tragedy, but this comes close. Our world is truly unraveling.

I haven't heard him on the radio for about 3 years, but used to make it a daily lunch ritual. More recently, I would occasionally listen to internet broadcasts.

I loved how he wove his sponsors ads right into the midst of the chaos of the news stories.

Or how he announced the pages of his reports.

Or gave the rest of the story.

Or put in plugs for the "Bose acoustic wave machine". I've always wanted one of those.

Of course, Mr. Harvey has inspired or been a part of at least 4 posts on this blog alone.

It would have been interesting to hear him report on this new administration.

In that voice, of course. That distinctive delivery and unforgettable voice.

Good Day!


  1. Yeah, this bummed out Marie and me.

  2. Rick!

    Hopefully Junior will carry on his legacy.