Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFL Conference Finals

There is a story behind every team this year. The Jets brashness and inexperience. The Colts corporateness and lack of desire to be the best they can be. Brett Favre (sorry Vikings, you're just windowdressing for Brett's story). The Saints seeking to deliver a first championship to a desolate city.

Very few people thought the Jets would make it this far, so naturally they're all now on the bandwagon. Makes no sense to me. I'll root for them with every fiber of my being, but I just don't see them taking down the Colts.

The Saints have had a nice year, but it's going to end this weekend. They've never made it to the Super Bowl, one of the few teams left that haven't. The Vikings pass rush will get to Drew Brees a lot today and advance.

Which could end up being bittersweet for Minnesota, because should they win today and in 2 weeks, it will mark the franchise's first Super Bowl victory in 5 tries. Their first loss still plays in my head at times.

But the story will be Brett Favre and will always be Brett Favre for the rest of history. And that will be just fine with Brett Favre. Minnesota will just be the vehicle of the Brett Favre story. An "oh yeah, by the way, the Minnesota Vikings won it all that year" footnote to his story. That's just the way the media and history will play it.



  1. I'm over football already. Cardinal spring training starts March 4th!

  2. DR Berry!

    How could you be over football- football isn't over you, is it?

    Actually, that March 4th date is the first game. Spring training technically starts a week or two before that.

  3. Football is totally over me. It has moved on to better things. Thanks for straightening me out. It's a tough job sometimes, lol.