Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Bad I Did

Yes, I'll point out, unless anyone has forgotten, that in September, right before the start of the football season, I tried to Carnac how the teams would do.

And yes, it is true that I picked the Colts and the Saints, the two best teams this year, to finish 3rd in their respective divisions.

And yes, I picked the Bengals to finish last. But who could have seen that one coming?

I did pick 3 division winners right. Of course, there were 8 division winners total, but is that really important?

I also got the entire NFC West and AFC East correct.

I also picked 16 out of the 32 teams to finish in their correct standing slot, which is up significantly from last year.

So I guess, despite a couple of embarrassing moments, I did okay.

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