Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things Not Appreciated

When it first aired, I watched Hee Haw for the comedy. I'd leave the room when a song started and come back when it was over. Or at the very least, try not to pay attention. Unless there was a cartoon dancing pig or farm animal band.

Even though I still laugh at the jokes and surreal twist on country life, now that I'm watching episodes again after 40 years have passed, I'm amazed at the musical talent on the show. I've probably watched 15 episodes from the years 1969 to 1971, and so far the guests have included Charlie Pride, Waylon Jennings, Roger Miller, Tammy Wynette, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Loretta Lynn and George Jones.

And that doesn't count Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Grandpa Jones and Stringbean being on every week.

Here's a clip of Grandpa, String, Roy and Bobby Thompson from Hee Haw.

It's interesting to note how different their playing styles are.

I'll never forget riding to school one day, when I was in 5th grade, and learning Stringbean had been murdered. Sadly, because I didn't watch many of the musical acts back then, all I knew about him until recently was that he was on Hee Haw and he was killed at his home by armed robbers.

Thanks to reruns and YouTube, I have learned what a great talent he was. It's like watching a great guitarist.

There's so much of this stuff out there to enjoy. Beats anything on TV now, most assuredly.

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