Sunday, November 18, 2007


There I was, trying to enjoy a nice relaxing day at home. You know, nothing special on my mind.

I wasn't even going to draw attention to this being my blog's 3rd birthday. I just thought I would spend it in quite seclusion.

Well, when I turned my attention to today's episode of Jeopardy, I could hardly believe my eyes and ears.

When Alex is busy announcing the categories for the day's competition, imagine my surprise when I see prominently displayed for all the world to see, the category title of...


Wow, what an honor!

I realize some of you may have missed this episode. So that you can't say I never did anything for you, I am "reproducing" the transcript of that portion of today's episode that dealt with me and my blog.

Just so the transcript makes sense, the contestants' names today were Wilberforce, Begonia, and Ed.

Enjoy. And thanks for reading.


Alex- Okay, Wilberforce, you have control of the board.

Wilberforce- I'll take Scottius Maximus for $200, Alex.

Alex- The subject of this blog's first "official" post.

[Deafening silence]

Begonia- "What is bad perfume?"

Alex- Uhh...nooo.

Wilberforce- "What is bad TV?"

Alex- So sorry, but that's incorrect. Ed?

Ed- "What is Talk Like A Pirate Day?"

Alex- Oooh, so sorry...The correct answer is "What is the Clinton Library?" Wilberforce, you still control the board.

WF- Alex, I'll try Scottius Maximus again for $400.

Alex- A former big leaguer in the 1960s and now a baseball announcer, he is this blog's most popular reference point and post subject.

Begonia- "Who is Ozzy Osbourne?"

Alex- OOH, so sorry. Anybody?

Wilberforce- "Who is Matt Foley?"

Alex- Errr...nooo.

Ed- "Who is Barry Manilow?"

Alex- No, sorry. "Who is Mike Shannon?" Wilberforce, pick again.

WF- How about Scottius Maximus for $600?

Alex- Mr. Maximus is particularly skilled at this.

Begonia- "What is creating Mt. Rushmores?"

Alex- I don't think so.

Wilberforce- "What is writing letters?"

Alex- Please.

Ed- "What is really, really, bad haiku?"

Alex- Yes, correct. Take control Ed.

Ed- Scottius Maximus for $800.

Alex- Definitely not his favorite subject.

Wilberforce- "What are UFOs?"

Alex- Sorry Wilberforce, that's incorrect. Begonia?

Begonia- "What is rugby?"

Alex- OOOH, noooo! Wilberforce?

Ed- "What is the International Dateline?"

Alex- Correct! Pick again.

Ed- I'll take Scottius Maximus for $1,000, Alex.

Alex- By no means, popular, it became the unofficial theme song of the Scottius Maximus blog.

Ed- "What is Real Men Of Genius?"

Alex- OOOH, noooo, I'm sorry. Anyone else?

Wilberforce- "What is In The Year 2525 2006?"

Alex- No. Begonia?

Begonia- "What is the Lawrence Welk show's champagne music?"

Alex- Correct! And that ends the category "Scottius Maximus". And, I must say, this has turned out to be the single greatest category in Jeopardy! history.


Okay, so maybe that last part didn't happen. Anyway, thanks everybody. Please keep visiting and commenting.


  1. Happy blog birthday! Wow, the big three! Yours may be the oldest blog I know.

  2. Barb!

    Thanks. And thanks for your contribution.


    Yes. Hence the gray around the edges.

  3. LOL! Happy birthdayversary!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I've been saving this post to read during my upcoming mini-vacation from work. When everyone else will be reading the huge paper and watching football, I'll be catching up on blogs! I also wish you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. TK!

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you!